• Bolt-ptc-02-920x617
  • DSC00178 180p
  • IMG 1720 crop 1
  • DSC00329 -980p
  • DSC01523-Talos-egypte- 930
  • IMG 1727 980
  • DSC01466 980p
  • DSC01620 980pTV commercial "Vaseline"
  • Lisabon Modula artikel
  • Titan 3 930
  • Milo on a shoot in Brittany France
  • Barcelona racing circuit, commercial for "Gazprom"
  • Feature film "Big City" dir. Djamel Bensalah; studio Paris.
  • Talos shoot in Egypte
  • "pits stop" Gazprom commercial
  • Talos shoot in Cairo
  • "Vaseline" commercial shooting on location in Bangkok Thailand
  • Modula on location in south of France for ING commercial shot with Formula 1 driver Alonso
  • Titan on 2m high platform

Milo Titan Bolt Modula Ulti Head Talos Panther

Milo motion control

Bolt High Speed rig

Talos motion control

Modula rig motion control

Panther motion control

Ulti Head motion control 

Titan motion control

Our range of motion control rigs are all made by Mark Roberts Motion Control in England. We offer a wide range of possibilities from crane type of shots, dolly shots, to simple pan and tilt shots.

Our experience with use of computerized cameras moves goes back to 1981.
First in animation film and since 1991 also in live action.

The home base of Motion Control Europe is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have also an address in France, so we are central to our clients in all parts of Europe.

With our own transport we can provide our services anywhere in Europe.
For shoots on other continents we can ship the equipment by air.