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Is it possible to have a live action feel to motion control moves?

There are two ways to achieve a more organic feel: Flair software allows you to learn moves to the computer. This works best on pan/tilt focus and zoom. The camera operator can use handwheels to follow the action of the actors. The move can then be saved to disk and can be played back later for other passes.

A second way is to program a move as per normal thru inputting "key frames". If the move is run, it is possible to add manual movement to it by using handwheels or joysticks if a correction is needed to compensate for example the timing of actors or just to add some "roughness".

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Can I use the data of the motion control move to create a background in 3D?

The Flair software makes it possible to export move data in ASCII format. for use in programs like Softimage, Maya, Alias Power Animator and Flame we can provide the required data. With IKTRIX a plug-in to MAYA moves can be pre-vized and imported in the Flair software.

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Can we use light computers with motion control

It is possible to program different output triggers. One of the many possibilities is to start DMX programmable light computer.

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Can we sync the move to sound

Motion Control Europe can start moves in sync with sound with SMPTE time code. For example time code on a DAT recording. In this manner it is possible to keep the exact synchronization with the soundtrack in multi layer shots (video clips, feature films dialogue etc.).

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What camera's can be used with motion control

The Mitchell camera was often used with motion control. This camera is known for its steadiness and can run from stop motion to up to 120 FPS. Nowadays however we are mostly shooting with other, so called external cameras.We need only to sync to the shutter movement. Examples are: ARRI III; ARRI 435; ARRI SRIII; ARRI 535 and Movie CAM. For video cameras the video signal provides the sync. We can aslo sync to HD cameras. We can use RED and ALEXA.

ALEXA provides a sync pulse as any ARRI Film Camera!

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Can we use variable camera speeds

With the Mitchell camera it is possible to program speed changes with different types of exposure compensation.( This camera is controlled by a motor that is part of the motion control system)

When using the Ulti Head as stand alone version or as part of our Panther system we can also shoot speed changes with the ARRI 435 Advanced and Extreme cameras. The built in ARRI interface can independantly control the camera speed and shutter angle. In this way it is possible to program speed ramps with exposure compensation by changing the shutter angle.

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How long does it take to set up the Milo?

Under normal circumstances the rig can be ready to set up the first shot in 1.5 hour.

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Can we shoot on location with the Milo

The Milo, but also our other systems,are all transportable and can be used both inside or on exterior shoots.

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