"BOLT" High-Speed Cinebot



Now available for all your high-speed shoots 

The Bolt is controlled by Mark Roberts Flair software, the same software that controls also our Milo, Talos and other Rigs.

With this motion control rig, movements can be done in a fraction of a second, we can follow an object or liquid poured into a glass for example, when shooting at 1000 FPS this results in amazing effects not achievable without this high-speed motion at the same time. What happens in the blink of an eye can now been seen with at the same time a movement around it, to add a more dynamic feel to your final edit of your film.

Also very important is that we can program trigger pulses that can release SFX, to cause the effect to start at the right time in sync with the camera move!

The system is easy to transport and can be installed in any studio. We can bolt it to the floor or where this is not possible we can use an extended base with counterweight to make operation safe.


The package:

  • Bolt Cinebot rig
  • Focus and zoom motors
  • Modelmover turntable and modelmover motor
  • Output triggers to control SFX effects like controlling solenoid valves etc.

The Bolt is compatible with:

  • Weiscam HS2
  • Phantom Flex/Vxxx
  • Phantom Gold
  • Photron Fastcam
  • Phantom Miro
  • ARRI Hi Motion
  • Olympus ISpeed
  • Sony

More technical details will soon be in the tech info section of our web site!