CU Alexa sl 500


The ARRI ALEXA has caused a big shift in the balance between film and digital media.

On our shoots we use the ARRI ALEXA more and more and we have the cables to synchronize to it!

Motion Control on show "UpsideDown"

DSC02718 UpsideD 620p

During 2010 we finished the shooting of the feature film UpsideDown in Montreal Canada.

The release of the film has started during 2012 in Eastern Europe, Russia, Poland, USA and in some Asian countries. Release in France will be around April 2013







French Leader of UpsideDown


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Lightweight moco solution


Modula Base ING commercial


The Modula rig, by Mark Roberts Motion Control

With this rig we offer a simple and lightweight track motion control system! In combination with the Ulti Head and our new lightweight precision tracks this system allows very fast moves up till 3.8m a second.

The dolly can be pushed and the movement is recorded, together with the movements of the Ulti head, focus and zoom axis.

Please observe that this system is not compatible with direct sound recording!!