Panther Technical Info

Panther motion control system
The Panther motion control rig.

The Motion Control Super Panther consists of a standard Panther dolly with Super Jib, jib rotate,track motor and Ulti Head (Pan/Tilt), focus and zoom motors and the Mark Roberts Flair motion control software to control it.

The complete system has eight axes of motion:

Track: 3 lenghts of 8' Moy track plus racking.

Rotate: A large diameter rotate ring provides precise control of the Jib arm.

Lift: The standard Panther lift is modified to control the movement by computer.

Pan & Tilt:We provide an Ulti Head.

Zoom & Focus
: Fit most prime and zoom lenses. Motors are attached to the matte box bars.

Camera: The system takes cameras with 120m mags like Mitchell S35R, ARRI III,
ARRI 435, ARRI 16mm SRIII and also most Video cameras.

By using the remote handwheels the Motion Control Super Panther makes an ideal field recorder. With its mimic facillity, the computer can record a move made with hand wheels and replay it back on demand. During replay further axes can be added to the move.


Technical specification:

Maximum Axis speeds:

  • Track: 0,85 m per second
  • Rotate: 90 degrees in 4 seconds
  • Lift: complete move in 4 seconds
  • Pan & Tilt: 90 degrees per second.
  • Focus & Zoom: 1-2 seconds standard lens.


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