Titan Technical Info


 The Milo with the Titan gives an amazing range of possibilities.


Track: Precision Milo tracks (linear ball bearing rails), we offer 3 lenghts of 3.0 m in our standard package.
Max track speed depending on length of arm but in general 1m per second

Arm: Computerized arm extension:

Min lenght of arm from center of track: 2.16m
Max reach of camera with head underslung, 9m to each side of track
Max lens height: 8.7m
Minimum lens height: -4 meter below track

Head: Pan/Tilt and optional Roll axes
Takes film cameras with 120m mags and
Digital cameras like ARRI Alexa and RED Epic

Milo Titan specs

Lens control: Focus and zoom motors.

Mimic controls: Hand wheels for real time learning of pan and tilt movements.
Remote controls for focus and zoom.

Flair Software:

  • - Continues shooting with 0,1-120 frames per second and stop motion.
  • - Target tracking.
  • - 3D data export of XYZ data CGI software like SoftImage, Kuper, LightWave and Alias-Wavefront.
  • - Programming of output triggers, for example, to control flashlights, sound signals, special effects equipment.


Additional equipment and services:

  • - Sync generator with Tri-level sync signal for synchronization with HD cameras
  • - Video mixer to check multiple passes in real time.
  • - MC Tools software to generate files for Softimage, Maya, Alias Power Animator and Flame.
  • - IKTRIX Maya plug in

Power requirements:
110-240 Volts 16 Amp 50-60 Hz
Generator:6,5 KVA

We sent out our equipment with a motion control operator and motion control assistant