Ultihead Technical Info


Ulti Head

We acquired the Ulti Head from Mark Roberts Motion Control in 2007.

The Ulti Head is in fact a remote Pan/Tilt head complete with focus and zoom motors. Special is however, the capability to record the moves in real time for exact, frame accurate, play back, synchronized with film and video cameras.

The head will therefore fit very well in the normal routine of a camera crew. The basics can be mastered in not more then 15 minutes. We can provide a technician for assistance on set.

The Ulti Head offers two different possibilities for recording:

The stand alone version with handwheel unit "MSA20"


The MSA20 can record up to 100 moves. It works as follows: the camera is connected with a sync cable to the Ulti Head. Starting and stopping of the camera (ARRI ALEXA or RED EPIC for example) is done from the MSA20 console. When the camera is at speed, the record button is pressed and the movements of pan, tilt, focus and zoom will be recorded till the record button is pressed again. It is immediately saved as move 001.
The MSA20 is ready for take two, etc.
Then the perfect take is selected for play back. The MSA20 asks for a “Go To” and the head moves to the start position of the selected take, ready for playing back this move for all requested multiple passes.

A bloop light can be used to mark either the start or the end of the recorded move. The bloop light is on for a few frames, and is a great help to easily synchronize the different takes.

The head has a Mitchell mount and can be fitted on to a tripod, dolly or crane.

The pan has slip rings, and makes it possible to make several turns without being obstucted by cables. The head has 36 volts and can also be connected to a 12 volt source (all connections also by slip rings).

ULTI HEAD with FLAIR software

The Ulti Head can also be controlled by means of the Flair software, the same that we use for the Milo. This means that we can use all the features of this software. To name a few: part runs, time laps, different camera speeds between passes etc.
The total unit is still small, one extra flight case with the laptop and root unit to communicate with the Ulti Head.
An operator of the Flair software is required.

The Ulti Head is specially designed to work with ARRI cameras or other cameras that have a shutter pulse for synchronization (for example the ARRI ALEXA and EPIC) but works also with Video and HD Video cameras.

The system can be extended by adding more axis of motion, like track lift etc. It will become then part of our Modula, Panther or Talos motion control rigs.