Fichier Technique



The Milo, our biggest standard portable motion control rig

It offers the stability of big studio rigs, and yet it is transportable to almost any set.

Technical Information MILO rig:

Track: Precision Milo tracks (linear ball bearing rails), we offer 3 lenghts of 3.0 m in our standard package.
Max track speed 2m per second

Arm: Computerized arm extension
Max reach of camera 3m to each side of track
Max lens height: 3.85m
Minimum lens height: 25cm. below track

Head: Pan/Tilt and Roll axes
Takes cameras with 120m mags like,
ARRI 435, ARRI 16mm SRIII and digital cameras like Alexa and RED Epic

Lens control: Focus and zoom motors.

Mimic controls: Hand wheels for real time learning of pan and tilt movements.
Remote controls for focus and zoom.

Flair Software:

  • - Continues shooting with 0,1-120 frames per second and stop motion.
  • - Target tracking.
  • - 3D data export of XYZ data CGI software like SoftImage, Kuper, LightWave and Alias-Wavefront.
  • - Programming of output triggers, for example, to control flashlights, sound signals, special effects equipment.


Additional equipment and services:

  • - Sync generator with Tri-level sync signal for synchronization with HD cameras
  • - Video mixer to check multiple passes in real time.
  • - Event controller to sync to SMPTE time code (music videos!)
  • - Programmable model mover motor with a small turntable.
  • - MC Tools software to generate files for Softimage, Maya, Alias Power Animator and Flame.
  • - IKTRIX Maya plug in

Power requirements:
110-240 Volts 16 Amp 50-60 Hz
Generator:6,5 KVA

We sent out our equipment with a motion control operator and motion control assistant