Modula base

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 Modula on Milo track

Modula with UltiHead

Track: Light weight precision tracks (linear ball bearing rails), we offer 3 lenghts of 3.0 m in our standard package.
Max track speed 3.8m per second

Modula Base basic set up: The modula base is equiped with a Moy Low Hat, to bring the camera up higher, a set of Ronford Heavy duty legs with Moy base can be mounted on the Modula Base. Optional the Modula base can be fitted with a telescopic column, or with a telescopic column, rotate and jibarm.

Head:ULTI HEAD, in standard configuration Pan/Tilt axes with optional modular Roll unit.
Takes cameras with 120m mags, ARRI 435, ARRI 16mm SRIII, ARRI Alexa and RED Epic,Video cameras and Still cameras.

Lens control:Focus and zoom motors.

Mimic controls: Hand wheels or Pan Bars for real time learning of pan and tilt movements.
Remote controls for focus and zoom.

Flair Software:
- Continues shooting with 0,1-120 frames per second, time laps and stop motion.

Additional equipment and services:

  • - Sync generator with Tri-level sync signal for synchronization with HD cameras
  • - Video mixer to check multiple passes in real time.
  • - MC Tools software to generate files for Softimage, Maya, Alias Power Animator and Flame.
  • - IKTRIX Maya plug in.

Power requirements:
Single phase 110-240 Volts,50-60 Hz 16 Amp
Generator:4 KVA


  • Modula Rig:                10 kg
  • Ulti-head:                   25 kg
  • Rails:                         62 kg per 3m Length including racking

In general we sent out this equipment with a motion control operator ( assistant is optional)


Modula Rig