Talos avantages et limitations

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The Talos is one of Mark Roberts Motion Control newer rigs. It is filling the gap between Modula Rig/ Panther System on one hand and the Milo on the other.

Advantages of this system are obvious:

The weight of the total system makes it more easy to transport it to shoots abroad by airfreight.

The overall speed of moves are higher then those of the Milo.

The Talos will run on lightweight precision tracks that are less wide then the Milo tracks, the machine itself is maximal 75 cm wide so it will pass trough a standard doorway.


The Talos is in fact a system with a fixed jib arm lenght comparable with the smaller Panther dolly. That means that the head is mounted in a fixed position at the end of the arm. The L bracket can be mounted in two different possitions and in these two positions the Ulti Head can be mounted over- or underslung in order to give 4 different minimum/maximum heights for the vertical movement. The total amplitude in all 4 cases is maximal 2 meter of lift travel. (With the Milo we have the option of the telescopic arm and the "outerarm" that can be programmed to increase this amplitude to almost 4 meters).

Since the TALOS arm is fixed care should be taken were to put the tracks specially in more confined spaces, otherwise one will get in a position where it is difficult to get the camera in the right position.