The PANTHER is a compact rig with full range of movement in the studio or on location.

The Motion Control PANTHER consists of a standard Panther dolly with super jib, jib rotate, track motor, Ulti-Head (Pan/ Tilt), focus and zoom motors. It runs on the Mark Roberts Flair motion control software.

Panther motion control robot

Technical specifications
and general information

Technical specifications and general information

Access / Set up

The PANTHER with the ULTIHEAD weighs around 340kg. The set up takes approximately 1.5 hours but depending on the number of tracks used.
The PANTHER is a five-axis motion control rig

The shorter the access ways and more even the set up site, the quicker it is to set up the PANTHER.

Clearance: Width: 0.92m, height: 1.35m, length: 1.25m. The clearance can be smaller when the PANTHER gets dismantled.

The PANTHER and its equipment can be delivered in a 3.5t Sprinter van or a 7.5t truck (L7.50m, W2.50m, H3.40m).

Power supply

2 x 16 Amp, 240 Volts, 50-60 Hz or one strong Schuko.

Generator: 4 KVA

Rig fixing

The PANTHER is operated on light weight 2.5m precision tracks (linear ball bearing rails).

Mounting cameras / lenses

We provide an ULTIHEAD for the PANTHER which has a standard configuration with Pan/Tilt axes with optional modular Roll unit.

It takes cameras with up to 35kg.

Special control cables are available to provide sync at different frame rates to ARRI Alexa and RED and PHANTOM camera models.

The lenses are fitted with motion controlled focus/zoom/iris motors and run by the PANTHER.

Triggers / SFX timing

The PANTHER can trigger external devices such as Solenoids, Cylinders, Motorized SFX systems via relays. This allows SFX timing to be connected to/triggered by the PANTHER.


The PANTHER is not sound-proof due to ventilation and the motor noises that it produces.

The PANTHER is not rain-proof since the electronics are built into the PANTHER directly. In such cases, the PANTHER can be shut down without losing any shoot data and covered on the spot until the rain has stopped. During light rain it is still possible to shoot if the PANTHER is partially covered.


Mimic controls in the form of hand wheels or pan bars enable real time learning of movements and can be used by a normal film crew under the supervision of a motion control operator.

There are also additional motors or turntables available that can be used as an integrated part of the system. Further devices for externally controlling timing of SFX or custom pneumatic or motorized rigs, sliders and model movers can be provided on request. Connections or integration should be discussed before the shoot.

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