Bolt pedestal / Bolt on track

Bolt pedestal /
Bolt on track

The BOLT arm has an extremely fast acceleration, going from stand-still to high-speed and back in fractions of seconds. This gives it the ability to follow moving objects whilst capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by any other method.

Combining the BOLT arm with a high-speed TRACK gives a superior camera speed of over 6m per second with unlimited track lengths.

Bolt camera robot system

Technical specifications
and general information

Technical specifications and general information

Access / Set up

The BOLT weighs around 650kg. The set up takes approximately 45 minutes (pedestal with counter weights of 560kg) to 1.5 hours (if on tracks, depending on the number of tracks).

The shorter the access ways and more even the set-up site, the quicker it is to set up the BOLT. The ‘clear width’ of the doors should be 190cm tall and 150cm wide.

The BOLT PEDESTAL / BOLT ON TRACK and its equipment is delivered on a 7.5-tonne truck (L7.50m, W2.50m, H3.40m)

Power supply

A separate power line for CEE 32 Amp connector is needed. Power connections to film lighting generators can be used without concern. They should supply at least 3000 VA-12kA.

Rig fixing

The BOLT PEDESTAL / BOLT ON TRACK can be used with counter weights, ideal for location shoots. For a better stability for very fast moves the optimum mounting for the rig might be fixing it to the floor. We bring to set the equipment necessary to fix to sound concrete floors. It only requires 4 x 20mm holes drilled to a depth of 65mm, these are filled with M16 plugs that the rig can be screwed into.

Mounting cameras / lenses

Most film, video and digital cameras can be mounted onto the BOLT camera platform weighing up to 20 kg. For stability at high speeds it is still recommended to not use heavy camera and lenses. The head has 2 x 19mm mounts for rods. Steel rods are preferable over aluminium/carbon.

Special control cables are available to provide sync at different frame rates to ARRI Alexa and RED and PHANTOM camera models. The lenses are fitted with motion controlled focus/zoom/iris motors and run by the BOLT.

Triggers / SFX timing

The BOLT PEDESTAL / BOLT ON TRACK can trigger external devices such as Solenoids, Cylinders, Motorized SFX systems via relays. This allows SFX timing to be connected to/triggered by the BOLT.


The BOLT PEDESTAL / BOLT ON TRACK is not sound-proof due to ventilation and the motor noises that it produces. The BOLT is not rain-proof since the electronics are built into the system directly. In such cases, the BOLT can be shut down without losing any shoot data and covered on the spot until the rain has stopped. During light rain it is still possible to shoot if the BOLT is partially covered. On tough to reach locations it is recommended to have a prior set visit or location pictures.The BOLT PEDESTAL / BOLT ON TRACK can also be lifted with a crane/forklift.


There are additional motors or turntables available that can be used as an integrated part of the system. Further devices for externally controlling timing of SFX or custom pneumatic or motorized rigs, sliders and model movers can be provided on request. Connections or integration should be discussed before the shoot.

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Bolt pedestal

Bolt pedestal

Download the full specs of the Bolt pedestal here

Bolt on track

Bolt on track

Download the full specs of the Bolt on track here

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